Sep 09

Maddie Poppe to Join Ingrid on The Dramatic Tour!

We're thrilled to announce that Maddie Poppe will be opening for Ingrid on The Dramatic Tour this fall! 

Only 4 weeks until tour starts so get your tickets now! 

Please note: Maddie Poppe will not be opening for Ingrid in San Francisco or London.

Aug 15

Ingrid Michaelson on Marvel's 'Earth's Mightiest Show'

Ingrid joins Lorraine Cink on Marvel's web-series Earth's Mightiest Show to discuss her Marvel fandom, her latest album, Stranger Songs, and then takes a quiz to find out which girl Super Hero she most identifies with.

Watch the full episode here!

Ingrid Michaelson on Marvel's Earth's Mightiest Show
Jul 17

Official Lyric Video Graphic Novel for 'Stranger Songs' album out TODAY!

Official Illustrated Graphic Novel Lyric Videos for Stranger Songs album out TODAY!

Ingrid enlisted the help of 11 AMAZING illustrators from across the world to deliver illustrated lyric videos for each song on the new LP. Three of the lyric videos were premiered early via Nerdist, Nylon and PRIDE! You can now watch all 11 videos as you listen to the full album on her YouTube playlist.

Lyric Video Graphic Novel Chapters:

Freak Show (Chapter 1) - Ryan Cody 

You and in Love (Chapter 2) - Jen Bartel

Hey Kid (Chapter 3) - Kate Leth 

Hate You (Chapter 4) - Megan Hutchison

Jealous (Chapter 5) - Amanda Conner

Missing You (Chapter 6) - Kevin Wada 

Best Friend (Chapter 7) - Hafsah Mijinyawa

Mother (Chapter 8) - Kenny Park

Christmas Lights (Chapter 9) - Isabella Rotman

Pretty (Chapter 10) - Nicola Scott 

Take Me Home (Chapter 11) - Davi Go 

Ingrid Michaelson Lyric Video Graphic Novel